For the good functioning of the site, we create quality web pages by offering our clients a good tool for online promotion of their activity.
     Our SynConcept team delivers a wide range of websites such as online stores, presentation sites, and pre-configured email accounts. We provide the full range of services required to build and launch a site online.

     Our services included in a standard web site creation package are:

     - Formatting texts and images presented in the site;
     - Creating or stylizing the logo on the site;
     - Optimize your design on various divices such as your phone or tablet.
     - Creating an image gallery;
     - Deploy slider mode with images;
     - Making an online contact form

     For more complex sites, we have the following services:

    - Making a more complex navigation system for sites with a large amount of information;
    - Achieving online administration with restricted user and password access;
    - Realizing an advanced site search engine;
    - Creating a comment module;
    - Creating a newsletter module;
    - Making more complex forms;
    - Making an online payment module via card or sms.

    The prices our SynConcept team practices are based on the requirements of each customer.
For an exact price and time offer, we look forward to contacting you and discussing more details.